Helping Aquaculture Farmers Thrive

Providing the First Non-Drug to Protect Seafood from Disease

VakSea keeps aquaculture farmers in business when disease outbreaks strike while increasing profits. When they don’t. With VakSea’s breakthrough method, we’re implementing an insect larvae platform to bio-manufacture functional feed additives that protect fish and shrimp from viral disease. With our platform, we’ve achieved increased survival rates demonstrated in multiple species in challenge studies. Our orally delivered, immune-boosting proteins are affordable, effective and easy to deliver through feed.

Our Core Technology

We have developed an insect larvae system that produces orally delivered immune-boosting proteins that are affordable, effective and easy to deliver. Farmers simply feed the proteins to fish to protect them from disease. By leveraging the biology of the cabbage looper (Trichoplusia ni), we’re able to produce large quantities of the desired proteins by growing them inside these insects. We then harvest the insects, process them into a feed additive and generate high-quality proteins that can be formulated into a feed pellet or delivered directly via top-coating.

Our Vision

At VakSea, we’re dedicated to helping the aquaculture industry provide healthier, safer seafood for everyone across the globe. With our proven delivery platform, VakSea can quickly and cheaply create immunoprotective proteins against many diseases that impact the aquaculture industry.

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