Proven Immune-boosting proteins for aquaculture

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Our first product is an immune-boosting protein to protect vannamei shrimp against White Spot Syndrome Virus. VakSea’s products are the first immunoprotective products for shrimp. Our products can be delivered orally as part of feed, eliminating the need for expensive, labor intensive, and invasive injection vaccines (when they are even available).


Disease outbreaks cause billions of dollars in losses for the $170 billion aquaculture industry annually, including a $22 billion loss in 2017. VakSea seeks to protect high-value fish and shrimp species from disease. Our initial focus is on the shrimp and prawn aquaculture market in Southeast Asia.


VakSea’s breakthrough technology was developed at the Institute for Marine and Environmental Technology (IMET), part of the University System of Maryland, in the lab of Dr. Vik Vakharia. VakSea has secured exclusive licenses to this technology and is continuing to developing additional intellectual property as we commercialize.

Our team

The VakSea team has extensive experience inventing animal health products, producing specialty proteins, and taking early-stage technologies from concept to commercial product

Mihir Pershad

Chief Executive Officer
Mihir is a serial entrepreneur with early-stage startup experience and 2 prior ventures. He has further supported the operations, business development, and fundraising of several early-stage biotechnology companies. Mihir has a diverse background that includes medical device startups and biomedical research.

Dr. Vik Vakharia

Chief Science Officer
Vik is a VLP vaccine expert with 30 years of research experience. He has successfully developed and licensed two poultry vaccines to large animal health companies. He has authored 89 publications and is an inventor on 15 U.S. and 27 foreign patents.

Bob Balcerzak

Chief Technology Officer
Bob is an expert in producing specialty proteins in insect larvae. He has 15 years of experience in the specialty protein manufacturing field, including several years as a leader of a commercial manufacturing operation.

Dr. Ken Malone

Executive Chairman
Ken is a serial entrepreneur with 25 years of experience running technology-based companies. He has commercialized hundreds of products in advanced materials and life sciences and brings a broad experience base in business operations, IP management, M&A, and government affairs.

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